Looking for a Melbourne hair salon with skilled stylists to introduce you to the perfect, individually tailored look?

The word mien translates to your appearance, your demeanor, or the air about you. At Mien Salon Spa, we assess all the possibilities that create a beautiful mien, and use our experience to potentialize that in our clients.

The critical aspects that create beautiful, lasting and contemporary hair can be found in the unique nature of your features. A consultation with our colour technicians at Mien will help to establish texture, bone structure, length and your personal perspective on the style maintenance, creating the perfect mien!

Directing and maintaining in fields of both hair and fashion, creative director Claudia Romeo applies her innovative understanding in created editorial stories, photo shoots and other aspects of style and design. As a contemporary hairdresser, Claudia prefers enterprising ethics that embody the flow of modern styles, applying an understated and loose feel to her work.

The talents, skills and commitment of our colour technicians at Mien Salon Spa have not gone unrecognized – as past winners of the L’Oreal colour trophy and finalists in the AVEDA colour harmony awards, the level of competency and devotion to contemporary styling confirms the high standards our clients expect to experience at Mien.


Following the adapted philosophy of Albert Munsells’ 18th century principals on fashion and colour, technicians at Mien implement all aspects of these guidelines for our clientele. We believe that characteristics such as depth, light, temperature and volume come together to create a lasting and defining style. With an appropriate nod to seasonal change and trending techniques, these guidelines ensure individuality and compatibility. Ask to see our project books for examples!

Progressing with further changes in the industry, Mien Salon Spa supports hairdressing highlight techniques such as slicing, balayage and splicing ensuring that the benchmark of the Munsell philosophy is applied. For example, where traditional foils can more often highlight regrowth rather than conceal it, our technicians adopt more modernized colour techniques, and can now section and place colour in order to minimize the maintenance your hair style requires.

Again, our commitment to an evolving hairdressing industry is reflected in the beautifully scented, highly diverse and 99% plant derived AVEDA colour collection. The beautiful scope of colours the AVEDA range offers is available to see in-store now.

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