Yumie – The People of Mien Salon Spa & Mini Me

Yumie pronounced ‘yummy’ is actually how many of the mien spa clients feel about her massages. Japanese born Yumie has been with the mien spa team for most of 2017.
Originally from the centrally located city of Nagoya (famous for its Samurai I’m told) Yumie is loving her time at mien and her new hometown Melbourne. Growing up with a close extended family Yumie says she unfortunately had no parkland to play outside as a kid and is why she loves all things Australian – gardens, parks, the Australian outback and drinking wine in the beautiful Vinyards. In fact it’s the space of Australia that attracted Yumie to come and check it out for herself. Yumie says one of her immediate likes of Australia was the honesty saying even in the supermarket people respond to “how are you?” more honestly – it create a connection point.
Yumie is well settled here with her French partner whom she met her in Melbourne many years ago. He likes Asian culture and particularly my massages! 😉 I do his nails, he’s a carpenter so there’s a bit of work to be done there. He loves my food too. He’s fun, kind and sometimes romantic – he understands me; which is most important!
Yumie loves scuba diving; diving whenever she can. She likes stretching – in fact during our interview I came across an impressive splits pic on her FB page. Yumie loves the Piano. She had lots of lessons as a kid (starting at the age of 3) and then gained a license as a teaching professional. Yumie’s passion for the Spa and beauty industry was awoken when at the age of 5 her mother gave her a hairdressing kit. Later she remembers being ready to graduate from high school in Nagoya and knowing University was not an option and it was beauty that was her passion.
Yumie completed her beauty school in Japan and went onto the prestigious La Seine Spa where she learnt and was inspired with the philosophy of shiatsu. Currently Yumie is a remedial massage student as well as being one of Mien’s favourite Spa Therapists. Her favourite treatments to provide are massage and facials. She says she tries to move energy and help people to feel lighter and improve flow throughout body. She likes to use her intuition to find pain and discomfort and relieve and restore. She also likes to create a program of stretching and massages that are specific to getting results. After facials her goal is to see an improved complexion and make recommendation on home care that’s helpful.
In Japan she says we don’t get too close with customers and must be very professional with no focus on connecting with guests. At mien she finds the service more personal and Yumie sees that as a part of Australian culture. She likes building her intuition here in Australia and feels more connected to people. She says she loves the people at mien; the warmth and the help. She mentions Kat her Spa Manager whom she says has given a lot of motivation and support. She also likes the banter together with the hair team at lunchtimes and when everyone gets together. There’s a lot of happiness at mien and it inspires me.
“One of my greatest inspirations came from my ‘chief’ whom opened my eyes to the power of Reiki or what we call Chi. It was a new level of self belief when suddenly I was tuned in to ‘something’ that is difficult to put into words. It inspired me.”
“When I was 18 I was told that I was young by a couple of customers and that I wouldn’t know how to recommend and create a difference with older skin. So what I did was use a variety of skin care products to test them. I would use them daily and take photos of the results over time. This increased my experience and helped me to have more perspective. Then I had the experience and could better recommend.”
Yumie is available Wednesday to Sunday at Mien Salon Spa.

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