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Simon, or Sy as he’s known to his friends, is one of the founders of mien. In his pre-mien life Sy worked closely at one of Australia’s industry leading salon’s as their in-house cutting educator.   Sy has a very rich and diverse background as a presenter and facilitator in workshops and seminars.  Sy has worked in top salons around the world and has inspired many  successful hairdressing careers. When he and wife Claudia were presented the opportunity to start their own thing on this side of Melbourne he grabbed it with both hands. He say’s he’s always wanted to move away from the trend dominated fashion which is more obvious on the South Side of inner Melbourne.  In Fitzroy North he feels he’s in a demographic where people are about expressing individuality. So with a nod to seasonal trends Sy is one of the instigators of the mien way.  Sy is mien’s haircutting educator and one of mien’s most popular stylists.

Senior Stylist & Make Up artist

Gemma began her career in sunny Wales on the idealic tropical coast of England! In reality though it was a tough slog and she couldn’t wait to get out of there! Aside from loving Australia Gemma is very passionate about hair. In fact in 2012 she entered the National New Talent award and you guessed it She Won! Gemma also came runner up in another Melbourne based cutting competition which had her up on stage strutting her stuff. Gemma has a very full book these days but she is worth the wait. She loves pampering her spoilt clients and of course winning hairdressing competitions. Go Gem!

Talking about the fulfilment he feels being a hair stylist he says it all starts with the approach. As a hair cutter and stylist, he enjoys producing individual styles, which are a direct result of connecting with his clients and understanding their needs…read more about Danny

Top Stylist

Having 14 years in our industry from Tazzie to London then finally settling with us in mien’s Melbourne town.  Says she loves the ever-changing industry, many different avenues that she’s explored! Ange has experience in fashion photography and teaching however says her greatest passion is being a service provider in a busy salon. “I love how my client’s hair will naturally evolve over time in the same way fashion does”. Ange wants people to love their hair, enjoy styling it and have a few ways they can wear it. “Hair is different every day and that’s great! When on the salon floor I do my best to run to time, listen and to create change!”

Top Stylist

Maria is one of the busiest hairdressers mien has ever known! Weather it’s that infectious laugh or cheeky spanish accent responsible Maria’s quite simply helped build the reputation of mien by producing day after day beautiful hair and providing exceptional personalised service. Book in advance!

Colour Specialist
Emma has over 10 years experience as mien’s colour specialist and she’s a true purist when it comes to getting colour right! Emma recently entered the Aveda Colour Harmony award which showcased a beautiful blonde look. Emma loves to discuss blonde and it’s many variations. For the discerning colour client we highly recommend her.

Stylist & Make Up Artist

Gabby left school young and went straight into a hairdressing apprenticeship and has been working in the industry for over ten years. She started out being passionate about colour. For a year or so after the end of her apprenticeship that’s what she specialised in. But now as a mature and experienced stylist she enjoys all aspects of hairdressing. She has some incredible, old school arty tattoos which are styled in a typical 1920’s and 1930’s manner. The aesthetic of many of her tattoos are from the era, but not necessarily the pictures. They are distinctive because of their thick lines. Also, she loves her live music and with her musician partner goes to regular gigs.

Stylist & Make Up artist

Rachael describes her profession as a makeup artist first and hairstylist second; probably because she’s a fantastic qualified MakeUp Artist! She hopes to one day to work and travel around the world on movies and media productions. Having already had experience on set working on the Australian telemovie INXS: never tear us apart she’s on her way! Rachael says her idol is Gemma at mien for hairdressing then Zeljka Stanin- an Australia MUA that has worked on films such as Mission Impossible 2 and the tv epic series The Pacific. She adores Australian MUA Rae Morris and owns several of her books. She says “I follow these people because they all inspire and drive me when I see their own passions for their profession and creations, making me realise that I can be where they are one day.”


Our Irish gal, Emily said she’d always wanted to visit Oz and having good friends here, it was a natural progression to have a go at living in Melbourne. She now officially plans to stay in this “cool city” forever! Emily says she loves working at Mien and says that there is a difference in the expectations of Irish and Aussie customers. Aussie customers are happier to have a more natural, more simply dressed look, where Irish clients are blowdry and ‘set’ focused.
She says Mien is a great salon for learning new things. She’s thriving on the diversity in the team – there’s good multi-talented colourists and stylists. She says it’s a great way to learn off such accomplished people who are good at doing all different types of things. She’s thriving on what she is learning from her colleagues. She’s also loving working with environmentally friendly Aveda products, and is particularly enjoying how you can customise the colour.

Junior Stylist

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Junior Stylist

From day one Callan says he felt super comfortable at Mien because the staff and loyal customers are great. Blossoming in the positive, fun and chilled out culture he feels his self-development is particularly enhancing his interpersonal skills. He believes the job is not just about getting paid, but it’s about improving on her life skills as well. Callan is obviously highly motivated and says he is growing up in the salon and is definitely learning something new every day.
Callan is already quite accomplished with colouring but says he loves cutting right now. He enjoys both skills, but at the moment prefers cutting as he gets that ‘straight up’ result. He’s also enjoying discovering his capabilities. Once he gets his hands on things and gets the confidence he enjoys trusting and believing in himself.

Junior Stylist

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