Dreaming of healthy and flawless skin? Here’s how to achieve it!

It’s Winter and we all know how dry our skin can get (even if it seems oily) from this chilly season as compared to Summer. However, what we want is skin that looks good all year round!
Here’s some things you should be doing to maintain beautiful, flawless skin!

1. Drink at least 1 Liter of water a day

Often we’re told that we need more water in summer to stay hydrated from the scorching heat, but we still need water in winter too! If you’re wondering why your skin is starting to flake or feel dry, it’s probably because you’re not hydrated enough internally! The key to healthy skin, is to ensure you’re healthy and hydrated!
Did you also know that having dry skin is also a possible factor as to why people may develop acne? When skin is dehydrated, it forces itself to go into an overdrive with producing sebum and then it gets clogged in your pores in which forms into acne.

2. Sleep before 10:30pm every night and have at least 8 hours of sleep

We’re often told we have to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, but what we’re not told is to get an early night sleep! Did you know that the time you sleep at affects your health and the way your body regenerates overnight? You must be wondering how this affects your skin, well when your internal health is not the best it can be, it can show on the outside too! (Unless you’re the lucky few that look flawless regardless with any health issues, then I say you’re really blessed!)
Why must you sleep before 10:30pm? According to the Meridian Body Clock, different organs of your body are cleansing at different times of the day. So if you see someone who looks younger than their age and looks generally healthy, they’re probably sleeping before 10:30pm every night! This is why you’ll look better after an early night’s good quality sleep.

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3. Exercise 3-4 times a week

“Wait, what? Exercise can improve my skin?!” Of course! As mentioned before, if you’re not healthy internally, it may likely show on the outside! One benefit is that exercise helps your body release toxins through sweating – by releasing toxins this improves your overall health and your skin too!  Not only that, but exercise helps reduce stress as we know, releasing the ‘feel-good’ chemicals serotonin. Stress is actually a major contributor to your health and therefore your skin! People who live a happier, stress-free, peaceful and calm life tend to look younger and healthier!
You don’t need to run/jog or go to the gym, even 30 mins of walking can help! You could even consider doing yoga or pilates by watching free instructional videos online, for example on Youtube. Or just go window shopping for an hour, but make sure you’re not sitting down too much! Anything that requires you to move will help! Now you know why people who keep active look like they’re glowing!


4. Eat clean and healthy; don’t drink excessively and/or smoke

Of course this is true. Do you think you can have flawless skin by eating processed and fast foods? If you can, you must have really good genetics! I personally envy you! A lot of processed & fast foods contain artificial ingredients or ingredients that have been derived from non-organic produce that has been sprayed with pesticide or grown in soil polluted with chemicals. Anything artificial for external or internal use does have it’s side effects. I hope you’re careful with what you put into your system.
Ever wondered why the older generation Chinese, Koreans and Japanese look young compared to their age with flawless skin? Because they thrived on eating natural and fresh food.
Drinking too much alcohol not only affects your internal health, but it also can cause you to age faster. Remember, if your internal health is not good, it will eat your health from the outside too. This is the same for smoking. Smoking contains so many harmful chemicals, that’s why people who smoke appear to age faster on the outside, wrinkles develop faster on your skin and you’re more likely to have bad bags under your eyes before your non-smoking peers. If you’re curious, about smoking and show it changes your appearance click on this link.

Mature Skin Care 8 Steps You Can Take Today(4)

5. Have a skin care regimen

Even if you can’t fulfill the above 4 things, a skin care regime with the right products will help repair any skin damages and maintain skin health. With your skin care regime you should have the following steps:

  1. Exfoliate skin (1-3 times a week, depending on necessity): This is only necessary if you have flaky skin from dryness or a build up of oils that form blackheads and whiteheads or a build up of other particles that your face collects during your day to day activities, such as exercising, being exposed to cool, dry air or areas that have a lot of chemicals in the air (e.g. industrial areas).
    Exfoliators remove dead skin cells and flaky skin more effectively than cleansers and come in different types. If you have dry skin, opt for a more hydrating exfoliator, any that contains a good amount of aloe vera, papaya and coconut oil are great choices. If you have oily skin, opt for exfoliators with scrub particles, be sure to avoid any that contains benzoyl peroxide – its present in many products that claim to get rid of acne, but it is over-drying and not good for more mature skin either. If you have sensitive skin, make sure the exfoliator you purchase doesn’t have large beads as those will irritate your skin.
  2. Cleanse your face (every day, morning and night): This is a must! Did you know cleansing your face with only water actually dehydrates your skin? This is why a cleanser is an essential to your skin care regime! Again, make sure you buy a product that suits your skin type, and a good tip: avoid any products with alcohol. Alcohol may kill bacteria but it is very drying and can really irritate mature and sensitive skin! Also avoid products that contain ‘parabens‘. ‘Parabens‘ are cheap artificial preservatives that prolong the shelf-life of products.
    Aveda’s products do not contain parabens as their products contain 99% naturally derived ingredients. Click this link to view Aveda’s FAQs:
    Why must you cleanse your face even though you exfoliate? That’s because exfoliator’s main job is to get rid of dead skin cells or buildup of particles and oils, whereas it’s a cleansers job to maintain your skin everyday, to ensure it holds moisture and to prevent a build up of oil.
  3. Moisturise your face (every day and night, after cleansing): After cleansing, generally your face will feel temporarily stripped of oils and a bit tight, moisturisers re-hydrate your skin and adds a protective and nourishing layer that will help your skin get through the day. The good thing about moisturisers is that many of them contain ingredients that not only moisturise your face, but may even have anti-aging effects or remedial effects, such as healing any scars on your face or keeping lines at bay. The drier and malnourished your skin is, the more your lines will show and the more difficult it is for any scars to heal. They are also mixable or layer-able with foundations, BB Creams and CC Creams. They provide moisture and a barrier protects your skin from harm by the chemicals in make up. Again, try to avoid any moisturisers that contains ‘parabens‘.
    Why also use it before sleeping? Sleep is when your body recovers, not only internally but also externally! As mentioned previously, by preparing your body for a good night’s sleep will ensure you feel great and look great the next day! Therefore the moisturiser will aid your skin in repairing itself overnight.

If after doing all of these steps for at least a week or so and your skin hasn’t improved, then you may have an underlying medical condition or skin condition. So be sure to speak to your GP about it! Your GP can refer you to a recommended Dermatologist if necessary.


Don’t forget to keep smiling, be happy and make time for yourself!
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Blog post written by Kylie Luu – Kylie may be a business student but her real passion is in health and well-being as well as helping people to be the best they can be.

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