Massage Therapists targeted 457 Visas

Save Cheysa

15304485_1506413409373302_8384975102389473066_oOne of Mien’s most popular Spa employees ‘Cheysa’ is currently waiting for her 457 Visa & Nomination by Mien Salon Spa to be approved.  This will enable her to remain in Australia as an employee sponsored by Mien, if not approved Cheysa will have 28 days to leave the country.  The employment category for the nomination and visa is massage therapist.

We did not hesitate to nominate Cheysa as we’ve always found her to be excellent with an exceptional attitude to her work. She treats client with a healing nature in terms of both physical and mental. She also prescribes associated exercises and is always monitoring a client’s progress.

She would be very sadly missed by the mien team as I’m sure she would by many of her clients.  It would be a tragedy to lose her due to some recent changes to the 457 Visas.  Further we find it outrageous that the changes made recently by the Turnbull government will apply to Visas already lodged. Cheysa’s Nomination and Visa was lodged in February. 

The changes to the 457 Visa in the category of massage therapist have been made to target sex workers. We are horrified that Cheysa has been put in this category simply because of the occupation that she does.  Obviously this is to curb the influx of the recent trend of massage parlours popping up throughout Melbourne suburbs; places that have a reputation for offering sexual services. 

We are looking for letters of support from clients who are enjoying massage services provided by Cheysa. Specifically letters of support stating that Cheysas massage services are therapeutic and that she is helpful professional who is making a difference to your health and wellbeing.  Beyond the massage services Cheysa provides it would be great to hear of your support for Cheysa’s character.  A short statement outlining how professional Cheysa is and why she deserves to have her Visa approved on the basis that she adds value to Australia. 

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