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At mien Salon Spa we pride ourselves on our fantastic services, not only of the quality and results of the specific service, but also on how amazing our staff is as they care about your wants and needs. We’re happy to say that many of our guests recommend us to their friends and family. We truly value the support and loyalty. So to show our gratefulness and utmost appreciation, we’d like to thank you, by giving you a gift each time you refer a friend to mien & mini me!

Did you know, that you can pass your receipt (with the stapled wrap) to your friends? If you don’t have the receipt wrap, that’s alright too, all you have to do is tell your friends about us. When they visit mien or mini me for the first time, they’ll receive an introductory $30 Gift Card for the Spa or Hair Salon, while you receive a special gift from us!

If you love mien Salon Spa and/or Mini Me Salon, share that love with your friends and family!

By the way, we’ve even had a client refer 40 friends!


What do I get each time I refer a friend?
First referral:

Free professional styling product tailored to your individual needs and personal style.
Reception will help you choose a suitable product, so don’t fret if you don’t know what to pick from our large range of products!

Second referral:

Free hair wash and blow wave to give your hair a lovely makeover.
Our hairdressers will ensure you comfort with an aroma-therapeutic head massage at the basin, along with a stylish blow-wave for you to enjoy throughout your day. We wouldn’t want to let your hair stay wet after a wash without a finishing blow-wave!

Third referral:

Free regular sized shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type and/or concerns.
Our staff are trained to recommend suitable shampoo and conditioner for any hair or even scalp problems you’d like to have fixed! Aveda’s shampoos & conditioners are made with naturally derived ingredients without the nasty chemicals that your hair don’t need.

Fourth referral:

Free haircut and style to suit your facial features, face structure and your desired image.
Here at Mien & Mini Me, we help you to achieve your desired image and how you’d like to showcase it to the world with a haircut and style you will love.

Fifth referral:

Free hair straightener (valued at $300) for use at home!
Did you know GHD stands for Good Hair Day? Well you’ll be going home with a GHD straightener. GHD is an international leading hair brand with over 50,000 salons selling their hair straighteners!

Terms & Conditions for the Referral Program: All referrals must be within 12 months in order for you to progress to the next reward level. If you refer more than 5 friends, the gift you get will start from he beginning again, e.g. 6th friend – free professional styling product, 7th friend – free hair wash and blow wave… you catch my drift?

Thanks for taking your time to read this and for your support to mien Salon Spa & Mini Me, we look forward to rewarding you greatly!

x mien & Mini Me

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