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Our Own Deanna is Back!

Deanna Mazzoli is a foundation staff member of Mien, starting with the salon at it’s launch in 1999. She ran the Mien business with the Simon and Claudia team for its initial five years.  After a change of pace in a few other salons, she has returned to us as the ‘face of Mien’, on reception four days a week.

Deanna has an extensive hairdressing resume spanning 25 years. Starting out with a one year full time hairdressing course, Deanna then finished her training with an inner city chain salon where she had the opportunity to gain some hairshow experience.  Then off to a top salon in St Kilda which facilitated her travel to London, where she underwent a course with Vidal Sassoon. She fell in love with styling came back to Melbourne and got a regular gig with Melbourne’s annual ‘Fashion Week’ where she honed her back stage styling skills.  After Mien (99′-2003) Deanna opened a salon in Carlton with her boyfriend at the time.  Now confident with management she then went it entirely alone and opened her own salon ‘Shalimar’ in the space that is now our own MiniMe!

Deanna’s now enjoying the step back from running her own business to being in role where she coordinates the busy Mien reception. A family focused 9-5 gal she’s loving renewing her acquaintance with some of the Mien clients who’ve been with the business since day one! It’s a fun environment to work in and she says the people of the salon make it a top place to work. She really enjoys the front desk environment and loves to dress up for work!  Her greatest vocational pleasure is making people feel and look good. It’s truly fulfilling professionally to have people walking out happy with the spruce up.  Mien is an awesome place to work because it’s got a real vibe about it…. It’s busy AND challenging she says. There is always something exciting going on at Mien and that it’s ace working somewhere progressive with a positive direction filtering through at all levels of the business. She said that there is a career road to success for people who work there, which is so important in this industry. She’s totally into the zen space – and is one for regularly treating herself to the beauty service. Being one to indulge in the spa treatments herself means she can recommend them from experience. She’s also a fan of Aveda rituals and products! All that coupled with the buzzing, friendly, established staff means it’s a grouse place to work. . Love the atmosphere in there – buzzing, happy, friendly, established staff.

Finally she is compelled to mention how working at Mien is truly family friendly. Her sister Claudia is great with her two little kids – Ava 20 months and Jay 4 years old. She said that you need a supportive employer when you area a working Mum with little kids. Not only are Simon and Claudia great bosses she said they are entrepeneurs to be respected! She says they should be proud of what they’ve achieved and that they have built an excellent team.  She says the culture is open minded, management are fair people to work with, easy to talk to, and nurturing both in business and personally.  She said it’s a privilege to work with their team. Though she doesn’t have a lot of time to herself being a busy working Mum she trys to treat herself to yoga, kickboxing, massage and going out with friends.

People Of mien interviews are written by Angela Lee of MyBizFriend

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