Nadine Cameron – Wellbeing Consultant

Nadine Cameron

Dr Nadine Cameron is a wellbeing counsellor (with a PhD in mental health) and meditation teacher who also holds personal training qualifications.

Her warm supportive counselling practice at mien is focused on helping clients achieve maximum wellbeing. The services she offers focus on the following sorts of areas:

Positive body image: Nadine will help you explore your current relationship with your body and give you great personalised strategies for feeling much better in your skin. You can love your body!

Positive eating: Explore your current relationship with food and learn ways to stick to a way of eating that feels right for you. Learn to be more relaxed with, and enjoy food.

Positive exercise: Work out where your resistance to exercise comes from and learn how to exercise with confidence and pleasure.

Stress management/Dealing with difficult emotions: Learn strategies for managing distressing emotions. Discover how you can feel more in control and at ease with your emotions.

Contact Nadine to talk about your needs or to book: