colour analysis & wardrobe planning

Colour Analysis

This is like a rejuvenation boost for your complexion, soul and wardrobe all at once!

Learn about colours that:
– add a glow to your face
– highlight what you love about your body
– camouflage what you don’t love
– coordinate together easily
– suit your personality
– suit your lifestyle
– will guide your hair colourist
– work in makeup
– put a smile on your face
– will make your friends wonder what you’ve been up to!

You’ll receive your own personalised colour swatch of approximately 50 colours and an explanatory guide.

Wardrobe planning

You’ve probably been thinking about doing this for a while. It can be hard to begin.

Engage a friendly image consultant to:
– help you sort out what still works for you
– create outfits you never knew you had
– advise on what is best to alter, upcycle and recycle
– create capsule outfits for when you’re busy
– arrange things so you are more organised
– analyse what your wardrobe needs are
– sketch out a purchasing plan
– find extra space in your wardrobe

Style Direction

This is the all encompassing session! It involves a little pre-work, some soul searching and a face to face session. You also receive a file of extensive personalised notes and images.

– how to dress for your body shape, both vertical and horizontal
– what scale accessories will match your own
– what clothing design features to look for
– which structural design features to avoid
– how to select the best glasses for your face and personality style
– about how your personality impacts what you wear
– how to incorporate your values into your outfit
– about dress codes
– how to dress for the situations that are important to you
– why the textures you choose are important
– how the fabric you choose works either for you or against you
– how to select a hat
– about what different hairstyles will do for you
– why some necklaces look right on you and others don’t
– what necklines will work with your particular body lines and shapes

Also available are some bite size offerings –
Outfit Alignment and Style by the Hour:

Group sessions are also available and attract a discount.

Contact Donna for more info: / 0418 101 235

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