herbal remedies


The mien Naturopaths guide and inspire the individual on their journey to wellness, supporting them to take responsibility for their personal health & well being. You do not necessarily need to be ‘unwell’ to benefit from the services of a Naturopath. Also nutritional and herbal medicines can work very effectively in conjunction with conventional medications when professionally managed.

Herbal medicine

Herbs are able to support & nourish specific systems of the body. Traditional & modern herbal medicine principles are applied. Using top quality practitioner only liquid extracts (incl alcohol free), tablets and capsules.


The body needs the correct levels of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water to function properly.  If  for any reason these reach compromising levels, you may need to supplement & or re-assess your diet. Using quality vitamins, co-factors, “super foods”, “Food as Medicine” & amino acids, great recipes, & Zinc status testing

Initial Consults start from $90

Both mien practicing naturopaths organize appointments independently of mien reception.  To get in contact with one of our fantastic practitioners and get back on the road to sustainable heath and well being please call us directly as below:

Rosemary Janc ND: 0408 528 014 Rosemary Practitioner Page

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