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For total bliss we offer a personalized relaxation massage to reduce tension and restore your well being.
Ideal as a part of healthy body maintenance this massage is customized with your own therapeutic blend of essential oils to ease stress, improve circulation and detoxify your body.

Deep Ritual
Our technique incorporates the relaxation rituals of the elemental nature massage and using the power of slow deep pressure to coax tired aching muscles back into condition. Recommended for those who like extra firm pressure.

Aromatic Hot Stones
Warm the soul with an experience of absolute relaxation. This massage will melt away tension as the heat from the smooth volcanic stones penetrates deep into the muscles stimulating circulation. It is the ultimate stress relief.

Pregnancy Massage
Our specially designed pregnancy mattress enables you to get unbelievably comfortable in any position so you can float away and forget the stress pregnancy puts on your body. Our therapists will ensure absolute care and safety when massaging and always select pregnancy appropriate essential oils.

Performed by a qualified remedial massage therapist this massage focuses on correcting problems in the muscular system and aiding rehabilitation through the use of fascial release and pressure point techniques.

All of our massages are available in 90, 60, 30 minute sessions
For total body maintenance a series of monthly massages are recommended.

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