Allow yourself to be pampered by our lovely eyelash Technician and Makeup Artist Rachael.

The Service

Each service begins with a consultation with our Eyelash Technician. This will allow each set of Lashes to be personally customised and tailored to our Guest’s preferred shape, length and thickness. During this time our Technician will be able to address any concerns or questions you may have about the treatment.Each step of the treatment will be communicated to you as the application is carried out to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease.

The Application

The application of the Lash Extensions can range from between 1hr-2hr depending on the style that has been chosen. During this time a hydrating under eye patch is applied to softly secure and hold down the bottom lashes. Our Guest’s eyes remain closed at all times which will not only allow you to relax but also allow the technician a great view of the shape that is being created. Individual acrylic Lashes are applied at the base of each natural eyelash by a semi permanent glue. At the end of your treatment our Technician will fan your lashes with an air puffer and gently remove the under eye patches.At Mien we only use synthetic lashes as we do not support the acts of animal abuse for beauty.


Refills are offered anywhere from 1-4 weeks from your original application. This service is perfect for our technician to remove any extensions that are growing out or lifting off from the base of your natural eyelash. Once the removal has been carried out we can then apply brand new Lashes and keep your Lashes looking full again!Our natural eyelashes go through a growth cycle that lasts between 60-90 days with each eyelash growing at a different rate. This means that you may notice your eyelashes becoming a little sparse by 3-4 weeks. Do not fret! This is not damage from your Lash extensions but from what already naturally occurs through our hair growth and shedding phase.


To ensure that you get the maximum longevity out of your newly applied set of Lashes you will be advised on the appropriate home-care instructions.You will receive an after-care card with detailed information on how to protect your Lashes, such as avoiding oil based products (glycerine, glycerol) and wetting your Lashes in the first 24hours, how to prolong and cleanse your Lashes to keep them looking beautiful and remove any natural oils, and how to maintain your extensions by not pulling on the individual lashes and scheduling your refills to maintain their beautiful shape.

Things to Remember Before Your Appointment
• Do not use waterproof mascara before your appointment
• Avoid moisturiser and any oil based product around the eye area
• Please remove contact lenses prior to the appointment

Possible Reactions

A reaction to the glue may occur during the application if you are highly sensitive. This can be remedied by replacing with a sensitive glue. Typically symptoms of a reaction will be watering eye, redness of the eye, burning, itching, and general irritation. Please alert your Technician to this as soon as you feel any discomfort at all.

Lash Extensions FAQs

• Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. If they have been applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Make sure that you do not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this will cause damage to your natural lashes and cause them to fall out.

• Do they hurt?

Eyelash extensions should be pain free at all times and you should feel no discomfort. Each acrylic Lash is applied 1mm from the base of your natural lash, this avoids friction and rubbing on your lash bed. If at any point you feel irritation during the process alert your technician as this could be an allergic reaction to the glue.

• How are they removed?

Lash extensions are removed through two ways: tweezers or gel removal. The tweezer removal is generally what technicians use in the refill process to remove any stray extensions that are lifting off of the natural eyelashes. One tweezer will support your natural eyelash whilst a second tweezer will gently peel away your extension. If resistance is met this is when a gel remover is used. The gel remover is generally only use when there is an extension that cannot be removed by tweezers or if a whole set is being removed. This is because you do not want to accidentally get any of the gel removers onto your other lash extensions when you are having your refill.
The gel remover is oil based, oil will break down the bonds of the glue and allow separation of the extension to the natural eyelash, however this technique would be used only if either an extension cannot be removed through the tweezer technique, or if the client wished to removed all of their lash extensions.

• Can I wear mascara and makeup?

It is advised that you do not wear mascara on your lashes if it is oil based (there are mascaras specifically made for lash extensions) as they can disturb the bond of the glue, clump at the base and between the extensions, and result in increased fall out of your extensions. However some people still choose to wear mascara so a tip is to only use a non-waterproof mascara and to apply to the midlengths and tips of your extensions to avoiding catching the product at the base and away from the glue. This will also allow easy removal of the product.
You can still wear makeup but try to avoid the lash bed area as this is near to where the lashes have been applied and you want to avoid the glue bonds.

• How do I remove my makeup and clean my lashes?

An oil free cleanser is the best product for this as it will not disturb the glue bonds of your extensions and will remove and makeup or oil build up. You can use a makeup wipe or makeup remover to remove makeup from your face and eye lids, avoiding lash bed, and then proceed to use an oil free cleanser in the shower. Apply primarily on your eyelid first and very gently stroke across your lashes and allow the water to rinse away.

• Can I wear any length extension?

Lash extensions can only be applied to the amount of Lashes that you already have. Everyone has different lashes and they can range from fine and delicate to extremely thick and abundant. This does effect what style of extensions you can have. For someone with fine, delicate or sparse lashes I would not recommend long extensions especially in acrylic as your natural lash won’t be able to support the weight of the extensions. If a client is wanting their lashes to feel fuller then you do not need to apply long extensions to do this, this can be achieved my using a smaller extension length and you will find this solution will suit the clients eyes much better and will provide the effect of fuller thicker lashes.

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