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Practitioner Profile

Since completing her Bachelor of Nursing in 1993 at Monash University, Melbourne, Julia has had broad experience in Perioperative and Dermatological nursing. Her extensive background in Cosmetic Surgery provides a staunch platform for facial rejuvenation and it is here that she gained her passion for cosmetic enhancement and knowledge of client concerns. She draws on her dermatology experience to educate clients about skin cancers, and to assess and treat a variety of skin conditions including sun damage, pigmentation, age spots and acne.  Julia has a vast knowledge of cosmetic injectables and provides clients with the latest in anti-wrinkle and volumising techniques to meet client needs, always being mindful of safety and realistic goals. She keeps up to date with changes in this dynamic industry by regularly attending workshops and conferences in order to offer clients the latest in anti-aging procedures and non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Her warm and caring manner help put clients at ease as she understands that cosmetic enhancement can be a life changing experience.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are a nonsurgical treatment for moderate to severe frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. Repeated action of the muscles contributes to the formation of wrinkles, which can remain at rest.  Anti-wrinkle injections work by blocking the nerve messengers to the muscles that cause them to contract. Due to government regulations, I am not able to name the product used at Agewell.  The product used for anti-wrinkle injections on men and women, is a natural purified protein, which safely and effectively blocks the messenger nerves and relaxes the wrinkle causing muscles, while the untreated muscles function normally.  Anti-wrinkle injections take 15-30 minutes to administer and is administered using small injections with a very fine needle. Mild discomfort may be experienced during administration which is brief. The effect of the anti-wrinkle injections takes 3 days to begin and 12 days to reach full effect. The results last up to 4 months, the effects of treatment gradually decrease over time.

Treatment for Men

Men frequently have anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers as a way of combating the signs of aging. From 2011 to 2013, the amount of men having treatment rose 200%. Men want to be at the top of their game and want to look their best. At Agewell, we understand the concerns that men have and that they have needs, which are different to those of women. It is important to treat a female face to look feminine, however, a male face needs to retain its masculine features. There are many anatomical differences between a male and female face, which need to be taken into account to achieve the best results. With specific caution and technique, men can also enjoy the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. We believe that subtlety is the key to treatment and the secret to looking your best. Refer to the dermal filler and antiwrinkle injection pages for explanation of these treatments.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler injections are a nonsurgical procedure used to enhance or create facial volume. The products used for dermal fillers are made from a naturally occurring complex sugar, which provide a natural and rejuvenated appearance. These products are safe and have few side effects. Due to government regulations, we are not able to name the products used at Agewell.  Dermal fillers are used in women and men to restore volume and shape, and to soften creases and deep lines. Various types of dermal fillers can be used depending on the area requiring treatment.  The results from dermal fillers take immediate effect. They are administered using small, fine injections, and cause minimal discomfort. Local anaesthetic is used during the procedure to minimize discomfort.  Depending on the product used, the dermal filler will last between 6-18 months and varies in cost. Main side effects from dermal filler injections are bruising and swelling.  At Agewell, our consultation is as important as our treatment, so we take the time to sit down and discuss your concerns and how to achieve the best desired outcome to a gorgeous you. Dermal fillers will treat the following droopy eyebrows, hallow temples., forehead lines, crows feet, cheek volume loss, laugh lines, tear troughs, undefined jaw, marionette lines, lip lines, thin lips, mouth frown & chin wrinkles


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