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Mien&Me loyalty dollars

We thank you for being a client of mien Salon Spa & Mini Me Salon by providing you with complimentary membership to our loyalty program; mien&me.

The Mien & Me program has the following fabulous benefits:

For every $100 you spend on services at Mien or Mini Me you’ll receive 10 points.

For every $20 you spend at Mien or Mini Me on retail you’ll generate 1 point.

Your points are redeemable at either Mien Salon Spa or at the Mini Me Salon in Fitzroy.

Past Club Points balances:

Mien Club Points stopped accruing on the 20th May 2016.  The Club Points that you’ve accrued at either Mien Salon Spa or Mini Me may still be used at their respective locations. (Only if the balance is greater than the total cost of an individual service.)

For any more questions about ‘loyalty dollars’ please call reception on (03) 9483 9199 or email

Special Conditions
Please bear in mind that ‘loyalty dollars’ are lost when we are not given adequate notice for canceled appointments.

Referral Program
Another similar benefit of being a client at mien are the rewards you will pick up by recommending a client to the salon. We will reward you with something special for every client who advises us that you have recommended him/her to mien & Mini Me!
Visit: for more details.