Chelsea Tracey: Nutritional Medicine


Chelsea Tracey BHSc

Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), Certificate IV in Fitness. Professional member of A.N.T.A


About Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine examines disturbances in body chemistry caused by imbalances resulting from poor diet, food sensitivities, digestive dysfunction, inflammation and environmental toxins, and contribute to ones overall health. A holistic nutritionist treats the root cause of ones symptoms, through targeted dietary and lifestyle coaching and nutritional supplements (if indicated), to restore balance in ones body and mind.

Treatment Areas

Chelsea uses nutritional medicine to assist patients in the following areas:

·     Balancing energy levels

·     Dietary meal plans

·     Digestive health

·     Food Intolerances


·     Immune dysfunction

·     Migraines and headaches

·     Mood disorders: anxiety & depression

·     Skin conditions: acne, eczema & psoriasis


·    Sleep function

·    Stress management

·    Sports nutrition & performance

·    Weight loss & maintenance


About Chelsea

Chelsea is an accredited holistic Nutritional Medicine practitioner, and passionate about REAL food and helping YOU achieve your health and wellness goals. Chelsea believes good nutrition is the foundation for living a healthy and fulfilled life. It doesn’t have to be complicated, all it takes is one action – simply drinking more water will start your movement towards greater health.

Chelsea has been interested in nutrition and fitness for the best part of her life. Her greatest sporting achievement was finishing her first half Ironman. Today she takes a different outlook to fitness preferring to explore the outdoors through her love for hiking and camping.

Her career highlights include Personal Training and Clinical Pilates instruction where she thrived on coaching clients 1-on-1, driving them to achieve their own health goals albeit, greater mobility, strength and endurance; through safe and tailored exercise prescription.

Chelsea’s inquisitive nature lead her to undertake studies in nutritional medicine, giving her a complete understanding of health, wellness and exercise prescription. Chelsea enjoys working closely with patients, providing comprehensive lifestyle and dietary interventions, that are built on evidenced based science and aimed at achieving optimal health and longevity.


AvailabilityInitial AppointmentStandard ConsultationShort Consultation
Thursdays: 5:00 to 9:00 pm60 to 90 minutes30 to 45 minutes30 minutes

Contact Details:

Chelsea Tracey
m. 0409 193 997

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