astrology, tarot & healing

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” – Dom Perignon

Be on track to reach your goals – love, career, finances, health, energy, greater purpose – whatever you’re aiming for.

Astrology gives powerful insight into all layers of your life and relationships, including competing needs. Get your whole self on board to live the life you want, in sync with the cycles you’re under.

Tarot is a wonderful spontaneous way to bring deep guidance to the surface to explore your questions. Receive dynamic intuitive messages for clarity and direction.

Energy Healing involves you lying back and receiving an energy cleanse to get plugged into your higher self, have electromagnetic interference removed, and so much more!

Energy Mastery Practice sessions are private one-on-ones to assess your energy status, then create personal practices to keep you centered, protected and in your full energy power.

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